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Driving and Cars

Relax and reduce anxiety about driving or travelling in cars

Have you been feeling anxious or uneasy when driving, or travelling as a passenger in a car?

You may have experienced physical symptoms of anxiety, such as tightness in the chest and sweating, or panic attacks.

Perhaps you have begun to limit the circumstances in which you will drive or the routes you choose.

Maybe you have even stopped travelling by car completely for a while.

You're not alone!

You might be surprised to realise how many people experience some anxiety during car journeys. Sometimes this anxiety begins following a crash or near-miss. But other people find it building up over time, or beginning unexpectedly without any obvious cause.

Can hypnotherapy help you to overcome your fear of car journeys? 

Hypnotherapy has been proved to be very successful in helping people to tackle all kinds of fears and anxieties, including driving and car travel.

Why not give me a call to find out how hypnotherapy may be able to help you to regain your confidence? I'll be delighted to hear from you, and will do my best to help you get back in your car feeling calm and comfortable, free to travel wherever you wish!

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